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Serialised Tamper Seals - 100pc Box

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Aussie Owned Card Protection!

Serialised Tamper Seals for all your collectibles!

A lot of tamper seals that exist in the market are generic and unmoderated. Why do we need a moderator for these seals? To ensure the same number is printed once, and only once. Palms Off Gaming are proud to be that moderator and release a product that not only matches generic pricing but provides an extra layer of protection. We've even gone a step further than the others and created a box that doubles as a dispenser – tidy stuff, if we do say so ourselves.

These are perfect to store your own sealed products to identify products via number and prevent tampering, or being used in box breaks to give participants the peace of mind that they are receiving the exact pack broken on stream. Seal packs in Booster Pack Sleeves (sold separately) , or raw stream-pulled cards placed in products such as Team Bags (sold separately) or Mag-Lock Card Cases (sold separately) and then sealed.


  • 100pc Serialised Tamper Seals - leaving a void layer if attempted removal.
  • Dispenser box
  • Unique numbered serials, moderated by Palms Off Gaming


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